Broadlands Partnership


Broadlands Partnership Limited can advise you on:

  • saving for retirement.
  • as you approach retirement preparing for taking retirement income.
  • if your already in retirement how you can maximise your income.

There are lots of options available to you at different stages of your life and getting your planning on track is essential to a worry free retirement.
With so many options the key is to talk to a professional and get the appropriate advice.

It is important to make sure your pension lasts and as part of our on-going service we can regularly review your pension arrangements and the options available to you, having taken into account any change of circumstances or change in your needs as you get older.

Pension transfers

If you are considering a pension transfer from your employers scheme or a personal pension, taking professional advice is imperative. Here at Broadlands Partnership we have a robust process to make sure that you make decisions that are in your best interest and that you have sufficient information and knowledge to do so. Call us today and we can give you information on this process and its associated costs.