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Many are unhappy in love, but happy in a new home according to new research

PropertyNearly two million people have stayed in a relationship to get themselves on the housing ladder, according to new research from L&C Mortgages.

Of those planning on buying in the next five years, more than one in ten (11%) people surveyed, who aren’t homeowners, said that they would stay in an unhappy relationship if it meant they were able to buy a property.

Just under a half of those asked (44%) said that they stayed with a partner so they were able to afford a mortgage or a deposit and stayed for a year longer than they would have, because of the property purchase. Fifteen per cent said they stayed for up to two years longer than they would have.

Forty per cent who said they had stayed with a partner are still together after deciding to stay in the relationship to buy their first home.

Sixty-three per cent of those surveyed who are planning to buy in the next five years said they feel under pressure to get on the housing ladder and that a 36% feel the pressure from a partner. While 17% said they feel the pressure to buy with a partner, but would rather not buy at all.