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BBC News - Business

BBC News - Business

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Satellites the size of a shoebox

US firm Planet Labs makes satellites you could hold in your hands, and has more in orbit than anyone else.

Do you still send postcards?

The holiday ritual of sending a postcard home from a trip is dying, a closing UK publisher says.

Personal touch

UK chief executive Matthew Barnes personally approves every new product and sets the price for it.

Fighting the floods

Flooding has killed hundreds and left millions homeless. Can tech help us predict and prepare better?

Denim double down

The US clothing firm is now enjoying five years of profit growth as it recovers from past woes.

Not so fantastic

Cheap plastic has become ubiquitous, but we need to get better at recycling it.

Missing marvel

Tim Harford chose 50 essential inventions that shaped the modern economy, but what should be the 51st?

Rounding up

The round £1 coin will no longer be legal tender from 16 October when shops can refuse to accept them.

Big kids

High street brands are currently enamoured with unicorns, mermaids, My Little Pony and Polly Pocket.

Invisible threat

Many firms have no idea how many devices are connected to their networks - a major cyber-security risk.

Cork questioned

As an increasing number of vineyards and wineries seal their bottles with screw-caps, the natural cork industry is fighting back.

'We prefer American style'

How a new breed of American-style coffee shops are drawing in younger Italians.

Right to speak

Free speech has become a university battleground. But what does the right to free expression really mean?

Slow drive?

Electric cars have had a lot of publicity recently, but petrol and diesel engines are far from dead yet.

Pyramid selling

Low levels of education have fuelled the spread of illegal and harmful pyramid schemes in rural China.

Ryanair cancellations

The Civil Aviation Authority advises passengers not to cancel their flights themselves.

Rebel to geek

Daniel Hegarty left school with nothing to become a successful musician playing with top acts - so how did he end up as a tech entrepreneur?

Success story

Without it, companies in the sharing economy might not have grown as successfully as they have.

With us in spirit

Is naming a new brand of whiskies after the collapsed bank a wise move?

Instagram secrets

The Facebook-owned photo app has become an important marketing tool for many small entrepreneurs.

Sole traders

The shoemakers who think they have the solution to the problems caused by wearing high heels.

Smart money

Israeli company Colu has launched a digital currency in Liverpool, which is only open to locally-owned and run businesses.

Red gold

Saffron is the world's priciest spice, so why does it have a less than golden reputation?

First page

Adult learners in Kenya get to read their first words, after a library opens in their village.

Northern Rock

The collapse of Northern Rock: Ten years on

Cashing out

Card and phone payments may be replacing coins and notes, but are Swedes ready to get rid of cash altogether?

Creative currency

The value of modern currency comes not from what it's made of, but what we all agree it's worth.