Broadlands Partnership


Taking out a mortgage is another huge financial decision, and here at Broadlands we understand that making financial decisions about your mortgage can be quite frustrating. We help you to deal with any problems in the agreement of your mortgage loan and help plan for your mortgage appropriately.

Broadlands Partnership offers whole-of-market mortgage advice for our new and existing clients. We can advise on mortgages for prime residences as well as buy-to-let and other sectors, including non-prime and overseas mortgages (holiday homes, etc).

Broadlands Partnership has access to exclusive deals not available directly to consumers.

Yet, with a large part of the mortgage market being dealt direct, we will not hesitate to refer clients to lenders directly if it is in their best interest to do so.

For some useful tools to calculate how much you could borrow and what it would cost you, use our Mortgage Costs Calculator on the right.

Home Purchase

Financing is the most important part in making your home purchase and knowing how much you can borrow. We understand the struggles that this can cause so we provide an effective way to show you what your payment will be to help you make an informed decision in purchasing your home and stepping up the property ladder.


If you already have a mortgage, a re-mortgage might be the best way for you to save money. By re-mortgaging and cutting your mortgage rate, you can save on your monthly payments.


A buy-to-let mortgage is a popular choice of mortgage for those of you who would like to seek a financial benefit from purchasing a property. We help you understand the financial implications of this type of mortgage arrangement and we can help you achieve your financial rewards.

Equity Release

Equity release is a means of retaining use of your house to provide capital, allowing you to gain a lump sum or a steady stream of income, using the value of the house.


There are many fees that you have to take into account when purchasing your mortgage. Some of these fees include booking fees, valuation fees and arrangement fees. By speaking to one of our Independent Financial Advisers you can acquire the knowledge you need to make the right decisions.